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Vietnam Travel Guide - Everything You Need to Know About Vietnam
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Vietnam travel guide

Vietnam travel guide

Astonishingly exotic and fully compelling, unforgettable experiences are everywhere in Vietnam, a country of breathtaking natural beauty with an incredible heritage collection that quickly becomes addictive. Even those who have been living in Vietnam for years will tell you that every day is an adventure in this land of the dragon people. Feel your senses come alive when you cruise through the fairy-tale landscape of thousands limestone islands in Halong Bay or feel the chaotic in big cities of Ho Chi Minh or the grand old lady of Hanoi. See authentic sights and sounds of the countryside or be greeted by the energetic, resilient and friendly locals and a sense of kindness akin to their customs. Simple, chaotic, inspiring, you will find all at the same time. So, get ready to soak up in the feast of its scenic scenery, rich culture and glorious history while starting your own journey.

Vietnam is the easternmost country on the Indochina Peninsula in Southeast Asia. With an estimated 90.5 million inhabitants, it is the world's 13th-most-populous country, and the eighth-most-populous Asian country. The name Vietnam translates as "Southern Viet". It was first officially adopted in 1802 by Emperor Gia Long, and was adopted again in 1945 with the founding of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam under Ho Chi Minh. The country is bordered by China, Laos, Cambodia, and the South China Sea to the east. Its capital city has been Hanoi since the reunification of North and South Vietnam in 1976.

Viewed through the lens of its history, Vietnam might appear in many foreigners’ eyes as a country of war, sorrow and loss. But zoom in for a closer look, you will find one of the fastest growing economies in Asia. Inspire of being developed, it is still an exotic land of breathtaking natural landscapes, vivid colors and lifestyle. It is the home to eight recognized UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including cultural, natural and mixed ones. The myriad parks, rugged mountains along with 3,000 kilometer coastline and finest beaches create an incredible biodiversity for those seeking new adventures in the Far East. Its cuisine with incredibly subtle in flavors and outstanding in diversity never ceases to amaze avid foodies. Juxtaposed with its nature beauty and modern cities lie a perfectly cultural blend of many other cultures such as Chinese, Indian and Hindu. Hidden inside, you will find a unique and quintessential Vietnam with royal relics, enduring French colonial legacies and especially, the 54 distinct ethnic groups creating a bold culture with their own languages, ways of life and traditional customs.
Vietnam travel guide
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