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Our strength comes not only from best-guaranteed pricing but also from our people. Our management board has been in the tourism industry for over 15 years. Every staff of 365 Family is not only skilled, well-trained but also passionately dedicated to deliver on promise. Although we come from different region, we all have a passion in traveling.
We live for bringing the true value in travel to our customers and take the joy and pride in exceeding their expectations. Apart from our skills, we keep continuous improvements in terms of knowledge, technology and trends for better understanding and serving the increasing demands of travelers all around the world.
Cindy, Nguyen Thanh Nga
Owner/ General Manager
Tommy, Nguyen Huy Toan
Owner/ President
Thai Ha
AC-HR Manager
Ann, Le Bich Lan
Deputy General Manager
Arthur, Luu Tuan Anh
Deputy General Manager
Holy, Mai Huong
Contracting Director
Merry, Khuat Thi Chung
Director of Sales - Asia & Incentive market
Dr. Gerhard Bartsch
Representative European Travel Market
Olivier LARUE (Mr.)
France Representative
Jyoti Monga
India Representative
Franz E Buchhalter
U.S.A Representative
Luis Macián-Dagnino Frías
Spanish Speaking Market Representative
Bobby, Le Xuan Hung
Saigon Office Manager
Linda, Hoang Tuyen
West of Europe & America market
Duong Thanh Thuy
Hanoi Operation Manager
Nguyen Thi Thu Thuy
Hoi An Operation Manager
Do Thanh Ha
Accounting Manager
Nathalie, Hoang Nga
Director of Sales – French & Online Market
Alice, Tran Thuy
East of Europe & Series
Hanna, Doan Anh
Customer Service Manager