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Our Core Values
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Our Core Values

Our Core Values

Right from the start, we have always aimed at our core values to keep them in our mind whenever we propose to the customers. Everybody in 365 Travel learns it by heart. They become our philosophy.

Work as One Team

We support and respect one another, and listen and learn every day in order to work as a high-performing team. We are determined to create an inspiring and supportive work environment for all, where our mission is clearly stated and understood.

Serve Our Customers with Respect and Passion

We treat our customers as we would want to be treated. We are here to do whatever is necessary to give our customers the best possible experience. We offer flexibility, competitive rates and the innovation required to meet the needs of modern travelers today and in the future.

Act with Ethics and Integrity

We maintain and cultivate our highly ethical principles at work always. We ensure the delivery of service with the best quality and rates. We never break our commitments to customers, partners, shareholders or employees. Our communication is always direct, honest, clear and trustworthy.

Measure Our Success

Profitability and growth is necessary to judge success, but our guiding principle is to create the experiences that can positively impact life.