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Myanmar Travel Guide - Everything You Need to Know About Myanmar
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Myanmar Travel Guide

Myanmar Travel Guide

“This is Burma”, wrote Rudyard Kipling, “it is quite unlike any place you know about. For centuries, Myanmar (or Burma) remains unknown to the modern world. It is the enigma that makes the country one of the most visited destination in Southeast Asia. The extraordinary land scattered with gilded pagodas, gentle people, local life not yet affected by modernity, and a diverse range of indigenous cultures, Myanmar is a fascinating adventure in wait. Slow down, listen and connect – it’s the best way to appreciate what’s truly golden about this land.

Sit at the crossroads of Asia’s great civilization of India and China, Myanmar is one of the most diverse countries in Southeast Asia. The present-day Myanmar is still a land of breathtaking beauty and charm yet only recently emerging into the modern world.

Myanmar is the country of traditional delights in its natural landscape combined with rich and glorious heritages dating back to more than 2,000 years. Religious site and ancient cities attest to a vibrant culture of more than 100 distinct ethnic groups. Drift down the Ayeyarwady River in an old river steamer, stake out a slice of beach on the blissful Bay of Bengal, or trek through pine forests to minority villages scattered across the Shan Hills without jostling with scores of fellow travelers. Above all, you'll meet locals who are gentle, humorous, engaging, considerate, inquisitive and passionate – they want to play a part in the world, and to know what you make of their world. Now is the time to make that connection!
Myanmar Travel Guide
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Shopping in Myanmar is a pleasant thing.  
Myanmar is a diverse country in term of cuisines which has been contributed to by more than...
You can travel by air most of the time.  
Myanmar’s climate can be described as tropical monsoon with strong influences of a...
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