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Luxury Laos Tour Packages - by Laos Local Tour Agency
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Laos Luxury Travel

     A luxury holiday in Laos is like a nostalgia trip due to its laid-back lifestyle exemplified by the atmosphere and its culture. Much of the country is made up of rugged highland areas with most people living in river valleys. The mighty Mekong River offers more than just a boat ride through lush landscapes, but a livelihood for its residents. Laos is full of cultural attractions and natural wonders: temples that reflect the past 500 years of Buddhist architecture, massive stone jars that defy easy explanation, caves crammed full of Buddha images, and a host of eco-friendly options.

     Our tours show you all and tell you more. With the best quality at the best prices, here's a taste of what we offer. If you cannot find what you’re looking for, please contact us.

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  • Hand-picked selection of fabulous luxury hotels and coz boutique quality cruises
  • Top quality modern vehicles with professional guide and driver
  • Elegant restaurants perfectly combining both culture and local cuisine
  • Flexible itinerary suited to your time
  • 24/7 personal care
Type: Private Tour | From: $1,450 pp
The highlight of this tour is the 2 day 1 night cruising along the Mekong River from Houeixai (the bordering town with Thailand) to Luang...
Classic Tours
Classic Tours
     Laos may be one of the least visited Southeast Asia countries, but it lacks none of the region’s charm and well worth a visit. The Mekong River is the country's...
     Among the least visited Southeast Asia countries, the land-locked Laos with most area covered by mountains and forests promises superb adventure holidays. Set your heart and eyes...

Laos Travel Blog

A mountainous country that was long isolated from the outside world, the laid-back Laos promises unique and authentic adventure. It is probably the least-known destination in Southeast Asia, but you may think twice after reading 9 following spots. Vang Vieng Located approximately 150 north of Vientiane, the small town of Vang Vieng lies on the banks of Nam Song River surrounded with karst hill landscapes. Although Vang Vieng has no beautiful architectures,…