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Cindy, Nguyen Thanh Nga
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Cindy, Nguyen Thanh Nga

My Vietnamese name is Nguyen Thi Thanh Nga but most of partners know me as Cindy. As the Chief Executive Officer and the founder of 365 Travel, I’m in charge of the overall operations, strategic planning, and sales targets. We had been in the tourism market for over 10 years and we’re not done yet. By combining my business skill, management and personal philosophy, I want to create a professional environment for the passionate, enthusiastic and creative people who are part of the 365 family to work, share their experience and passion. I always challenge myself to new objectives and never stand still. I love reading books as they enrich myself essential knowledge of not only business but about life as well. I practice yoga weekly to balance my life and spirit. With me, family is my foundation for the success therefore whenever I have time I spend it for my beloved ones. I have a spirit of adventure and discover the new land whenever opportunity comes.

My Favorite tours

Vietnam Style
Vietnam Style
Type: Private Tour | From: $550 pp
Let your mind wander and your spirit soar as the sunset casts its crimson light...
Type: Private Tour | From: $594 pp
A multi-colored picture of Vietnam is going to be revealed before your eyes....
Type: Private Tour | From: $615 pp
From Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City plus Mekong Delta, this tour includes all the...